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A place where commerce and culture collide.

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Like No Other

One of the most distinctive commercial office spaces in central Sydney. The perfect unification of history, emerging setting and innovative design. Everything you’ll need of a space that sets you apart.

Heritage Meets Innovation

The character of each heritage building is respected, as the heritage of the future is created. The sculpted curvilinear glass design shapes a truly unique workspace with warehouse character, industrial imagery and dramatic expression.

Not Just a Space

An environment that will contribute to the creation of a contemporary, flexible and creative workplace, attracting and retaining key talent.

Limitless Design

Respectful of the heritage character, yet truly unique. Highly efficient floorplates challenge assumptions about what the modern workplace can be.

The essence of this building is defined by its very fabric. Everything you’ll need of a space, the balance of who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re doing it.


In the urban context, heritage buildings form layers of a historical narrative, enriching the meaning and experience of the place and differentiating one place from another.

After sitting unused for two decades, two historic Sydney buildings have been given new life – coming together to form Sydney’s most innovative office tower and setting the benchmark for heritage buildings of the future.

The direction for each building was informed by each ones’ unique character. The open warehouse character remains, and the robust industrial imagery and dramatic expression of the Machine Hall is celebrated as new life is breathed in.

The Sub Station presents one of the most amazing industrial spaces in central Sydney, but has never before been part of its cultural vitality.

Graham Brooks, Heritage Consultant
GBA Heritage


Curvilinear glass design provides the opportunity for a truly unique, open and innovative workspace.

Nuveen Real Estate

Designed by award-winning firm, FJMT, Sub Station No.164’s pioneering design is like nothing else in Sydney.

A striking seven-level abstract glass extension sits atop the restored building so that it seems to float above the streetscape.
Triple-glazed Curvilinear glass design provides flips the modern workplace on its head – resulting in a truly unique, open and innovative workspace.

Destination retail fosters work-life balance, outdoor terraces connect people to the world outside, and the Substation’s restored Machine Hall transforms into a world class public arts venue.