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Mar 17, 2021

After sitting unused for two decades, two historic Sydney buildings have been given new life – coming together to form Sydney’s most innovative office tower and setting the benchmark for heritage buildings of the future.

“It’s about going beyond the obvious box extension to create a sculptural art piece that will ensure these forgotten buildings have a new place and future purpose in our city skyline,” said Brett Mason, Managing Director of Built.

The direction for each building was informed by each ones’ unique character. The open warehouse character remains, and the robust industrial imagery and dramatic expression of the Machine Hall is celebrated as new life is breathed in.

The Machine Hall is a space that captures the imagination. Its industrial aesthetic and 12-metre high ceilings provide an opportunity to create a world-class cultural retail destination across circa 600 sqm of heritage floor space.

This space will enable the City of Sydney to host unique events and experiences to revitalise the city centre.

Here’s a preview into this exciting project as we near completion.